Album: Voodoo Wants To Speak (2013)

Song: Voodoo Winter

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Incidentally I spent the late night into early morning hours engaged in a ritual partially Runic,Vrilya Thelemic, and partially the occult truths that have addressed themselves to me personally thru life and dreams, it was a ritual intended to manifest UFO craft in the skys overhead. . My close friend Bood was present and we spent many hours gazing into the sky in rapt amazement at the "glowing distant objects" we summoned by ritual. Whilst only faint suggestions of light play gave us any clue of purple mists emanating off them, of little sparks popping off them, and sometimes quick little beams. The rite itself was imparted to him in a dialogue he had had here the other evening. For the past few days they have been present in the neighborhood and immediate yards as sort of shadow apparitions that materialize temporarily. This is not as ludicrous as it sounds at least in UFOology circles as many assert the bodies of the aliens are only suits for their disincarnate consciousness.

Radio Vril is music channeled from outer gateways by ritual and by chemical means. The subject matter involves lesser known aspects of the Left Hand Path school of the occult. Kenneth Grant's Typhonian OTO are well within the scope of this subject matter. Radio Vril named after the Nazi secret Vril Society transcends politics and exists where Demons become higher dimensional beings and Aliens Ultraterrestrials. Pyramids and UFOs. Kenneth Grant tapped this root of inquiry in his cult film Lucifer Rising of which you might be familiar. The Vril Society was a smaller branch of the occult Thule society and was composed entirely of females that were gifted mediums. Allegedly they channeled instructions on how to construct the flying saucers that Germany later developed in secret and these instructions came from alien intelligences. Radio Vril founder Justin Balance, a long time alien contactee and occultist created Radio Vril to channel messages from these regions and sources. Guided by dreams, impulse, and instinct the music mirrors the rhythm of occult energies in the body, sexual and otherwise. Radio Vril is a multimedia conception like many other Witch House efforts and to their credit Radio Vril has a surprising amount of music videos already posted at Vimeo and Youtube in spite of being little known. Invoke the greys, enter the mauve zone, and welcome the 12th planet. Radio Vril will provide the sound track.

R?dio Vril is Choronzon as music, post-? post apocalypse bass. Identity vampirism thru genre raping time signature sigils and rerun ritual atavism. Chopped and Screwed cough syrup time dislocation. We are dancing across the abyss asleep on the basement floor of the neverending party. Ecstasy to dynamite the Daathian prison gate and return to ourselves beyond the stars.